Edible Forest Gardening Workshop

forest garden workshop poster

forest garden workshop poster

Want to create abundance in your own back garden or community growing space?

Forest garden design packs useful species into a small area to create an intensive and highly productive system. Learn how by design, a tree system can provide a diverse range of foods, requiring little maintenance and with few offsite inputs.

On this two days course we will cover:

  • how a forest garden works
  • design elements of a forest garden
  • useful permaculture design principles
  • maintaining and building soil fertility

Participants are invited to bring their own designs to work on in small teams. We will show you how to conduct a site assessment, assess resources, check soil types and how to meet the needs of the land and the people. We will teach site surveying and mapping skills, which you will use to create your design.

Cost of the workshop is on an ability to pay sliding scale
£120 Sponsored/organisation rate
£90 Individual income more than 25k/yr
£60 Individual income less than 25k/yr
£40 For people in receipt of means tested benefits

Contact Rakesh for more details
07575 009 322

or register your interest here

Your teachers:

Rakesh is an experienced permaculture and forest gardening teacher. He is passionate about facilitating people’s own personal learning pathways. Rakesh is currently developing his own forest garden strategy on his 50 acre property in Croatia, and has facilitated 3 community groups to create their own forest gardens in South London.

Kevin has recently designed and implemented a forest garden with more than 50 species from around the world at Occombe Community Farm

His teaching and knowledge draws on observation, learning and working on forest gardens from Australia to central America on his recent one year study tour.


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