Ecological Design

Using a holistic approach for designing circular economy systems.






We are creating the Tea Garden at Evolve on the under utilised flat roof of Evolve Wellness Centre in South Kensington, central London. Our aim is to raise awareness of how to grow your own food using flat roof space of which there is an abundance in the local vicinity.

As a site of demonstration, we will offer clients the opportunity to enjoy this space, understand it’s sustainable features, and gain inspiration to recreate this for themselves. Growing food is possible in the dense urban jungle of London!

By growing herbs, fruits and vegetables without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers, we promote healthy soil which in turn produces plants of the highest health giving properties. The intention is to prepare the herbs grown for herbal teas and offer these to our clients on the premises. At Evolve, we are creating an holistic approach to healthy living lifestyle and enjoying the benefits of imbibing herbal infusions that are grown on site speaks to this vision.

I’ve employed a number of permaculture design strategies to create a scheme that is resistant to pests, water efficient and maintains soil fertility. We also what to attract wildlife into this space which will integrate our space into the green fabric of the local environment. By harnessing these natural flows, we gain the benefit of pest control, a more resilient growing system, and increased site biodiversity.

We plan to share our progress through the blog, and present an information board with updates and pictures in the centre. Watch out for further developments as they unfold.


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