Introduction to Permaculture at Maiden Lane – Nov 2012

Thanks for such a great and inspiring course – Heather Rolfe

As the year draws to an end, our teaching collective can reflect on a successful year as we have delivered 11 Introduction To Permaculture (ITP)  courses. We’ve had a lot of fun, it’s been a pleasure to ignite so many minds and thrilling to witness so many of you going on to greater things.

Our final winter course was ran at Maiden Lane Permaculture Project, recently awarded LAND site status by the permaculture association.

Once again, we taught a motivated group that brought their energy and enthusiasm to learn with them and that made for an interactive weekend. Lunchtimes were a joy, we like to share our food and it’s always guaranteed to be a feast as permies seem always to be  lovers of fine food.

Sparking up lots of stimulating thoughts – student quote


The weather was against us, but we were well prepared and on day one we got outside for the garden tour. This was a chance to see all the various growing projects, the nature corridor, the forest garden, fruit tree corridor, Springbank garden and the new roof  garden growing space.


On day two, We posed the students a real life design problem and we met the client, Rob from Maiden Lane Estate for a through interview as part of our survey.

Interaction as a group in a creative way – student quote

The interview informed the assessment and design phase and in a relatively short time, both teams produced some good design work.

We love to get the students outside and doing some physical work. It’s always a bonus to the hosting venue when a volunteer force can accomplish a specific tasks. The students get their hands in the earth and rest the academic part of the brain. Good permaculture builds in win/win situations.

I liked working together to clear the site – quote



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