Better World Cameroon with Joshua

guidance and support for:
project articulation and visualisation
project planning
group facilitation

time taken: eight hours

While at the Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) training at Sieben Linden Ecovillage in Germany, it was my great fortune to meet Joshua Konkankoh. Joshua is the driving force behind Better World Cameroon.

coaching josh josh head shot

Joshua in his traditional outfit after our ceremony for our ancestors

Joshua is driven with a passion to create opportunity for the young and disadvantaged of his community towards manifesting a better world. His vision for his people is to reconnect to traditional values and culture combined with cutting edge education to anchor and to reignite the creative potential that will bring about resilient community for a brighter future.

The EDE was a chance for me to reconnect with my African roots and through the eyes of Joshua I got a insight into the majesty and beauty of another culture belonging to this planet. The task in hand was supported by a willing group, I really enjoyed holding the space as a facilitator and strongly believe in power of harnessing group intelligence. It was with great joy that we supported Joshua’s project – Creating the Bafut Ecovillage, Cameroon 2020.

In our group of five, we did some  initial work using Dragon Dreaming. Dragon Dreaming is a powerful collaborative project visualisation and management tool with 12 distinct phases. Here Joshua’s original dream died and was reborn as a collective shared dream. Joshua’s commitment to this vision dates back to 1996 and it is multifaceted with many projects and supporters so articulating this became a series of discussions shedding light and unravelling a pile of spaghetti! We spent some intensive time together exploring the history, successes, set backs, and what I call invisible structures. I like to ask many questions as I’m always seeking the interesting points of intervention. These points bring the greatest amount of success with the least amount of effort, here is where I gain my insight.

flipchart for project plan

Facilitating project articulation and roadmapping

I liken the gathering information phase as wringing out a wet sponge until all the water is extracted. Once this brainstorm was completed, I used my capability to see the energetic flow of information threaded across a page and this non-linear enquiry enabled me to home in on the  patterns and trends so as to develop a meaningful project structure.  Now we were able to articulate the whole journey on one landscape. Joshua has been so enmeshed in his projects that he felt a tremendous lift, a shedding of a layer, to be able to see to potential of his vision with greater clarity and simplicity.

We then targeted achievable outcomes over the next two years that will build a foundation for the vision. We mapped out the project plan using the dragon dreaming framework. The work we did together then became part of a bid towards a African-German partnership with the German Foreign Ministry.

I’m delighted to announce that this was successful and the BWC project is seen as one of the flagship projects that through funding will create a platform of partnership, cross cultural exchange and education that will support the realisation of Joshua’s vision for the Bafut Ecovillage 2020.- Kevin

coaching josh josh and i headshot

A cross cultural meeting of minds

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