Permaculture Association Featured Designer

Back in the early late part of last year, the Permaculture Association approached me for an interview to include me in an awareness raising pamphlet about the work they do and the diverse range of characters that are it’s members. Double click the image below for a closer look.

featured designer KM


It’s interesting to note that I chose to talk about the forest garden I designed and planted for Occombe Farm. This was  very much a formative learning experience which was hard work and immensely enjoyable. However, I didn’t include a management plan, I didn’t design in who and how the aftercare would be supported and ultimately, the project has been unsuccessful. A year on, I went back to visit the project and was heartbroken to see the fruit trees were suffering from neglect. Typically, fruit trees need the most care for the first two years before establishment after which they can take care of themselves. This has been an important lesson for me to learn and I can see how important embedding the ethics of permaculture in a design is to create successful sustainable projects.

I’ve also mentioned my diploma in Applied Permaculture as a continuation and structured journey in my path of learning. Although I have had a few setbacks and fallen by the wayside, more than ever I can see how useful this body of work is towards becoming more professional in what I do. What surprises me is the insights I am developing along the way. If you considering taking this path, go here for further information.

I strongly recommend becoming a member of the association. It useful to keep in touch with the network, find out about events taking place and much more. For example, it was through the association that I applied for EU sponsorship to take my Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) training with Gaia Education at Sieben Linden Ecovillage in Germany. This was a life changing experience for me. You can go to the association’s website to find out more about how to become a member.

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