Introduction to Permaculture, Shackleford Village Surrey, May 2015

Are you seeking practical solutions towards a more healthy and low impact lifestyle?

Wonderful news! We’ve been invited back to Surrey in 2015 to carry on the work of supporting the interest in low impact connected lifestyles by running our second annual introduction to permaculture at Shackleford Village Hall with Tim Hopkin.

Preparing and learning about composting - ITP Shackleford May 13

Preparing and learning about composting – ITP Shackleford May 14

Permaculture uses whole system thinking to consciously create productive environments that mimic the diversity, stability and resilience of natural systems. With these techniques we can design for abundance, enjoy superior health and wellbeing, and empower ourselves and create community we want to be a part of.

thanks to Kevin for delivering excellent content and inspiring us to take the next steps. Thanks also to Tim for setting things up so well with the hall hire and access to the veg garden at Norney Farm, plus the tractor ride, of course! – Robert Simpson

On this two day course, you will learn about:

  • the ethics and principles of permaculture
  • build confidence by generating solutions for a real need
  • the importance of soil and water
  • the permaculture design toolkit
  • the art of observation and much much more

I’m excited to be working once again, with my good friend and activist, Tim Hopkin of Norney Farm, to bring permaculture to his locality. We hope this will be a community event, a chance for local people to connect and dream up new projects with enthusiastic, action oriented change makers.

Dates: 2nd and 3rd May 2015
Cost: £130 for the weekend with concession places available at £80 by arrangement
Venue: http: Shackleford Village Hall
Address: Shackleford Rd, Godalming, Surrey GU8 6AE
Directions: Visit this webpage for location and directions
Bookings: Please complete our online booking form

Introduction to Permaculture at Shackleford Village – May 2014

Last year’s course was a great success and here’s what you can expect:

We set the students a real design problem to which they applied their newly acquired permaculture systems thinking skills.

tackling a real problem using permaculture design thinking - ITP Shackleford May 13

tackling a real problem using permaculture design thinking – ITP Shackleford May 14

We want to reach out to the community hubs in the area and bring you together to share how a holistic approach to problem solving using permaculture can support your work. We like create an inclusive atmosphere and this in part is about a sharing our passion around food – the growing, preparing and enjoying of it!

sharing community lunch

sharing community lunch

Many thanks for the course last weekend. I really enjoyed it. With that much material, it is hard to depict it all, but I found it really useful. Good content, and good selection of books you had with you. – Dale Spence 

This is an opportunity to build your confidence in generating ideas and solutions to problems. We create a comfortable environment where you can develop your presenting skills too.

final presentations

final presentations

I’m really keen to hear from you if you live in the area and are curious to find out more about permaculture. If you want to find out more about my journey into permaculture, take a look here.  I look forward to meeting you somewhere along your permaculture journey.

reviewing day one of the course

reviewing day one of the course

Testimonial from last year’s course:

Kevin is an excellent, knowledgeable tutor on the subject of permaculture.   He was interesting and engaging, holding our attention throughout.   He brought the concepts and principles of permaculture to life and I for one am very keen to put them in practise, as soon as possible.   Whilst this was a basic course I’m keen to learn so much more and I attribute my enthusiasm and interest to the quality and depth of teaching I received. – Johanna Sugrue


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