“Seasons of Soil” Soil Microbiology for Food Growing – April 2015

The fundamental building block that supports all integral systemic health of our plants, our animals and ourselves is SOIL!

Healthy abundance

Healthy abundance


Do you want to learn how to “grow” soil? We believe strongly that when we look after  soil, the soil will look after us. We use a holistic approach to understanding, diagnosis and remediation to support natural ecosystem function.  This course is for farmers, orchardists, horticulturalists, allotment owners, really anyone who has an interest in working with the land without the use of conventional pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

Systemic improvements in your soil will lead to greater yields, increased resistance to pest and disease while overall quality and integrity of your produce will improve. 

Natural Flow is returning to The Quadrangle Trust for the second in our series of Seasons of Soil for the summer event – Soil Microbiology for Food Growing.This will be an in-depth study to give fundamental insight into whole system thinking about soil. We will test, analyse, understand your soil,  discover what is missing and how to remediate this. On this course we will share with you:

  • classic soil science including the soil food web
  • myth busting the conventional thinking – holistic design approach
  • a detective’s tool kit to understanding your soil
  • a range of solutions to remediate your soils – compost, mulches, actively aerated compost tea
  • practical sessions including soil microscopy and breeding your own beneficial microbes
  • using your new understanding – a calendar of tasks for your very own situation

Bring your soil samples and your projects and together we will generate real solutions to real problems.


Thinking through problems together

Thinking through problems together


We want this course to really be the catalyst for effective change in your soil management strategies. This will be a dynamic and participatory forum for exchange, ideas and new thinking. Bring your soil samples and your project plans, and together we will generate real solutions to real problems.


Dates: April 2015
Cost: £140 for tuition plus meals plus accommodation. Contact me for the full range of options including dorm style bedroom and camping
Venue:  The Quadrangle Trust
Address: The Granary, The Quadrangle,Shoreham Road,Shoreham, Kent TN14 7RP
Directions: Full instructions of how to arrive there are provided on this webpage.
Bookings: Email me at

 Seasons of Soil with The Quadrangle Trust

Summer Event – Permablitz

Autumn Event – Edible Forest Garden Design

Spring Event 2015 – Soil Microbiology for Food Growing

Seasons of Soil is an educational programme delivered by Natural Flow and hosted by The Quadrangle Trust. Together we are passionate about consciously designing our environment for food abundance, community resilience through education and having fun.

energetic, exciting, moving workshop - student quote

Teaching compost building at Sieben Linden Eco Village, Germany

Previous ‘Classic Soil Science Micro Teach’ Participant Feedback

Well presented, informative, questions answered well with a scientific background – was great! – student quote

Excellent explanation, mastery of the subject and easy in relating it to my own experience – student quote



well presented, informative questions answered well, with a scientific background: was great!  - student quote

Teaching classic soil science at Sieben Linden Eco Village, Germany


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