Integrated Systems Thinking for Mental Health projects – Spring 2015

Developing a greencare mental health service using an integrated systems approach

Would you like to understand how to bring an integrated systems thinking approach to your preventative and restorative health care programmes to create resilience and effect lasting change in society?

With effortless simplicity, earth’s natural systems have co-evolved to create ecosystems that are resilient, stable and abundant. We can mimic this whole systems approach to build our own life support systems. We can design social and environment structures that are inclusive, healing and responsive for the well being benefit for all.

Are you a practitioner in the fields of mental or public health?

Modelled on an ecosystem

Modelling an ecosystem

Growing Better Lives (GBL) is a community interest company that develops and researches innovative approaches to mental health care. Their Greencare initiative has joined forces with Natural Flow to pilot this experimental programme that will apply whole systems thinking to the health care sector.

Our vision is to demonstrate that by understanding the inherent design built into natural systems, we can create an holistic approach to therapeutic care mental health care. Join us on this dynamic two day programme, where we will introduce “thinking like an ecosystem” using the design framework of permaculture.

Permanent + culture. A school of design which uses the science of ecology as the basis for creating holistic, integrated systems of food production, social wellbeing for all, and community organisation in ways that go beyond sustainability, towards a regenerative culture.

The course requires your participation – so bring your projects with you. It will be team oriented, challenging and fun at the same time. You will learn about:

DAY 1 – Monday 23rd March

  • thinking in systems
  • permaculture design principles
  • ethical design
  • observing nature

DAY2 – Monday 27th April

  • the permaculture design toolkit
  • complex adaptive systems thinking
  • live design sessions when we will work on your projects using a whole systems approach

This is an experimental bespoke course curated by Natural Flow and supported by the team at Green Care. Your flexibility and creativity will be the catalyst to making this course a success. We aim to be transparent on this journey so that we can deliver the highest value outcomes.

Aims – this course will

  • be an antidote to our linear approach to problem solving
  • challenge the target driven assessment and command and control structure
  • develop a holistic approach to creating systems of real value

Outcomes – this pilot programme hopes to

  • equip participants with a systems thinking toolkit for future problem solving
  • develop a network of like minded health care professionals
  • create the space for future cooperation on design opportunities within the health care system

CPD certificates for 12 hours will be awarded for those who attend both days.

The training sessions will be held at the wonderful Iver Environmental Centre in their lovely yurt and we will explore their green space during the outdoor activities.

The Yurt, Iver Environment Centre, Slough Road, Iver Heath, Bucks  SL0 0EB

Places are limited to 15 – book early to avoid disappointment. Attendance at both days is required for certificate of completion £50 (£20 concessions) for both days. Bring & share lunch, you can click here for a booking form.

iver environmental centre yurt interior

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