Edible Forest Gardening at the London Permaculture Festival July 2016


Forest garden design packs useful species into a small area to create an intensive and highly productive system. Learn how by design, a tree system can provide a diverse range of foods, requiring little maintenance and with few offsite inputs.


Want to create abundance in your own back garden or community growing space?

Come and join us for London’s one and only……………….

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It’s the fourth time, Natural Flow has been invited back to the festival to make a presentation. Last year, we were packed to the rafters including one blind dog, a very small child and a plant!

For 2016, in this 45 minute presentation we will cover:

  • how a forest garden works
  • design elements of a forest garden
  • useful permaculture design principles
  • maintaining and building soil fertility

Look forward to meeting you. Here’s how to get to Cecil House. Stay tuned for more updates at

Presenting at the 2014 London Permaculture Festival

Presenting at the 2014 London Permaculture Festival

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