Regardless of which Beachbody fitness program you are completing it is super important to document your journey! And as the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words! Often times it is these pictures that can actually show us more progress than the scale or our measurements.

I can remember when my fiancée and I began working out together in November of 2010. Within the first month of doing P90X, I was shredding off pounds and inches. And boy oh boy was I excited!! However, on the other hand, my fiancée was a bit discouraged; the scale wasn’t really budging for her. Yet when we took our first thirty day pictures we could really see her progress. Miami has a lot of good looking people.

So although no one wants to take a before picture of themselves in minimal clothing at a time where we are uncomfortable and unhappy with our bodies; I encourage you to take the first step in pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and take the picture! I cannot begin to express how grateful you will be you did this later when you are ripped!! With all of the technological advances available to us today, we can use our smart phones to take our initial pictures and tuck them away for our eyes only. However, I do promise you that you are going to want to share these pictures at some point.

What you wear in these pictures is important. I strongly strongly discourage taking these pictures in your undergarments. Later on when you are ready to share these pictures you are going to be kicking yourself that you did. So, for males a pair of swim trunks or mesh shorts and for females a bikini or a sports bar and boy shorts. The background of your picture is also important. Try to avoid taking these pictures against a busy background. It is suggested that you take your pictures against a solid wall. And lastly, make sure that you are taking your pictures using decent lighting.


Okay so now that we have wardrobe, background, and lighting down; let’s talk about what pictures to take and how often.   It is important to get a front, side, and back shot. We complete these poses flexed as well as relaxed. We also take pictures and measurements every thirty days. It is truly exciting each month when we sit down to compare our pictures from the month prior.

Having before and after pictures with Beachbody can also be extremely rewarding! Beachbody offers a ton of monetary prizes for different contest and one thing that the majority of these contests have in common is the requirement of before and after pictures. Additionally, the majority of Beachbody fitness programs will send you a special t-shirt at the completion of a workout program. However, as you may have guessed, you are required to submit your before and after photos.

So there you have it the importance of before and after photos. These pictures are so important to your fitness journey!