99% hacks in PUBG originated in China

Well, it could be expected that it is the Chinese are the main “producers”, without them, PUBG not would such popularity and media as it currently is, and therefore, would not be an object of interest on the part of cheaters.

But we didn’t expect it to be such a huge number…

99% hacks in PUBG originated in China

According to Brendan Green and the data provided to him by the anticheat system BattlEye (nomen omen the same, which uses Tibia) apparently as much as 99% of the cheats comes from China. Does this mean that 99% of Cheaters are Chinese? Necessarily. It is certainly a large number, but not so high.



There are already voices of dissent. Why? At first glance it may seem that the creation of such a separate unit for same PUBG is the perfect solution. Riot Games is doing well with his League of Legends. Part of those notes, however, that the same asRiotersi, so the team PUBG Corp. can become an easy morsel for the Chinese giant, Tencent. Already some time ago tried to acquire Bluehole and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but they failed.
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