Best light travel tripod

Maybe significantly increasingly great is that this tripod overlap up to a shut length of under 16.75 inches. At that size, the GT1542T can fit into any lightweight gear, travel rucksacks, or effectively be tied nearby the back or edge of a camera travel knapsack. One reason for this conservative favorable position is that the legs of the Gitzo Traveler comes in four areas, rather than the more drawn out three segment tripods that may have a similar in general stature however overlap less minimalistically.


As a sibling tripod in a similar arrangement, the Gitzo GT1541T Traveler tripod has fundamentally the same as specialized details. It can bolster a similar load of more than 17.6 pounds and furthermore does as such with a tripod weight of 2.14 pounds. This tripod, however, is significantly progressively amazing in its reduced stature, collapsing up to only somewhat over 16.1 inches long. Once more, the four leg segments have any kind of effect in enabling it to fit in travel packs. Much the same as it’s more up to date buddy tripod, the GT1541T can bolster SLR cameras (computerized or film) with lenses up to and around 200 millimeters, just as minimized video camcorders.

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