Client Feedback

What our clients are saying……


I gained a new confidence in being able to approach problems

Kevin is approachable, calm and intelligent. He has a natural ability to enlighten a situation and helped guide me to reaching a creative and positive outcome.

Sebastian von Holstein founder – Mountain People 

With Seb, we illuminated ‘doing everything’ versus being the owner with a organised business system around him. We also dug deeper to move through resistance as it revealed itself through the coaching engagement.   



Great listeners are hard to find and Kevin is certainly that!

Kevin’s empathy, diligence and care made me feel instantly comfortably, relaxed and open. This freed me up to explore my thoughts and feelings more deeply which enabled me to get the most out of myself so that I can make real lasting positive impact long and short term.

Tim Hopkin founder – The Land App

As the founder of his company, Tim and I looked at who he is being at the centre of his business system. I became his trusted thinking partner as we evolved how he presents himself stepping up to match much more mature CEOs around him.



I met with Kevin when my own ways of finding answers to what I was going to do next were not enough.

Kevin offered the permaculture model and his personal coaching skills of asking the unexpected questions, engaged listening and going beyond ‘the problem’ to bring clarity.

What I found was that I had re-remembered things that I might have kept forgotten without our work. Using the metaphors and concepts of permaculture Kevin helped me bring focus once again and helped bring some lasting insights.

Irina Aron, Intercultural Communication Consultant & Psychotherapist – The Londres Psychology Practice

Irina and I used the metaphor and design thinking framework of natural systems to explore and respond to the challenges in her life. Together, we co-created greater personal stability, a fresh awareness of her capabilities coupled with a resilient life plan.




Kevin is an excellent active listener and communicates genuine warmth

I gained greater insights into my strengths and weaknesses which helped address my professional challenges. Kevin has a positive energy and a calm, focused attitude that I found very supportive.

Alex Wrottesley senior leader – The Geovation Hub

What surprised me about this engagement is that whilst I haven’t held a senior leadership role, wider systemic thinking gave Alex the spaciousness to explore a fresh perspective on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ behaviours in the workplace.


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