“What is coaching?”

Coaching is a collaborative conversation designed to move a person or group forward through enquiry, reflection and shared insights. From here, one can make empowered choices leading to considered decisions that bring about more positive outcomes in life.

This is a different kind of relationship, it’s your thinking space where all is welcome. Here there are no judgements, no unconscious opinions. Instead, I listen to what you bring and together we get curious about your world and the landscape you inhabit to navigate a path forward.

“Is coaching for me?”

Do you have a desire for something different in your life? Are you feeling stuck, facing a particular challenge or wanting to define and act on new plans? A coaching conversation could really support you in accessing your best thinking to bring about change for healthy desired  outcomes.

Curious to learn more about how coaching can support you?

Why not get in contact? I’m happy to explore this further with you.

I offer a free 30 minute discovery session where we can examine what is uppermost in your thoughts at present and if we believe we can work together to create a way forward for you.

Email me to book your session now at

Take a look at this four minute video to gain a further insight into what a coaching conversation can look like:

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