Designing my Pathway into Teaching

From my experience in the IT sector, when taking training courses, the most effective and engaging educators were also industry consultants. My belief is that in order to be a credible teacher of permaculture, I will need to combine design practise and continuous education. This method will ensure the development of my own teaching materials and sessions.

I’ve mapped out the design thinking for my pathway into teaching in this podcast.

I spent some time reflecting on my motivations for deciding to design my own pathway into teaching permaculture. I’ve pulled my thoughts together for my long term goals and vision on this mind map.


I completed a gap analysis to develop the strategy to start my journey into teaching. My view is that this will be a gradual process as I develop my teacher support network, teaching plans and experience. This process began the moment I started using permaculture thinking and getting actively involved in projects back in 2009.



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