Edible Forest Gardening Course – Oct 2015

Want to create abundance in your own back garden or community growing space?

Yields from a forest garden

Yields from a forest garden

Forest gardening is a design method that mimics a young natural woodland, in which multiple useful species are established in stacked layers from the below the ground level to the tree canopy. By taking advantage of every opportunity, forest gardens are diverse, resilient and productive. This system lends itself to both urban and rural UK environments and I’ve been a passionate advocate of its useage since my first encounter with a productive forest garden in Guatemala.

I also spent six months working in agroforestry systems in Belize and Mexico. Upon my return to the UK in 2010, I took a forest garden design course with Martin Crawford. Once I understood the principles, I then applied them to a forest garden design for Occombe Farm, which was planted up in January 2011.


Forest garden design structure

Forest garden design structure

Once again Natural Flow is returning to Kent to support The Quadrangle Trust’s Seasons of Soil autumn event. Known as the “Garden of England” for it’s abundance of orchards and hop gardens, I’m thrilled to be supporting a project that has already set in place the transformation of  a grass pasture into a community forest garden. Many orchards lie in a state of disrepair in the region, symptomatic of the commercial pressure and uneven economics we are all part of.

permablitz planting guild

permablitz planting guild

Applying forest garden design can restore ecological function, fruit growing and stack multiple yields to breathe new life into these orchards. Creating community interest in these sorts of projects are becoming the social glue in communities today and The Quadrangle Trust’s forest garden is a great example of this.

On this two days course we will cover:

  • how a forest garden functions
  • design elements of a forest garden
  • useful permaculture design principles
  • maintaining and building soil fertility
  • planning in 4 dimensions – time and space

Dates: 3rd and 4th October 2015
Cost: £150 for tuition with limited concessions at £120 plus meals plus accommodation with a non-residential option for local people. Accommodation options including dorm style bedroom and camping.
Bookings: Please complete and pay via our online booking form to reserve your place on the course
Venue:  The Quadrangle Trust
Address: The Granary, The Quadrangle,Shoreham Road,Shoreham, Kent TN14 7RP
Directions: Full instructions of how to arrive there are provided on this webpage.


Previous Course Participant Feedback

The workshop had a great balance between theory and practice. Intensive in regards to the amount of content we walked away with, but due to Kevin’s teaching style and content breakdown I was able to absorb it. Kevin is incredibly responsive to people’s differing disposition be it experience and knowledge in the field or attention span, without error he paced the material in such a way that left no one overwhelmed, or unstimulated, struck the balance right that had everyone simultaneously learning and reflecting over the whole session. – Ariel Shepherd volunteer co-ordinator


Some Images from a Previous Forest Gardening Weekend Course

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