Kevin was an excellent facilitator, bringing genuine insight and personal warmth to the workshop.

We’d highly recommend the experience to other organisations looking to foster a sense of shared endeavour and open communication.The Lego Serious Play workshop was a hugely valuable team-building exercise. Working with Lego models helped our team to communicate their views freely, express their creativity and address the real business challenges we face.”

Alex Wrottesley Senior Leader at Geovation



Alex approached us with a desire to bring greater integration to two distinct groupings within his quickly expanding team. He wanted the group to build a more cohesive understanding of the collective team goals, to see the bigger picture and to get a clearer idea of who does what in the wider team context.


workshop: 4 hours for 8 participants

Team Life – “How do we relate to ourselves, each other and our collective team goals?”

This workshop was designed to focus not on the what (goals) but on the how – so how do we relate and interact as a team moving towards our team goals?


The workshop delivered the following:

  • Clarity about each members role and how they are perceived by other team members
  • A better appreciation of each other in the team
  • Opportunity to reflect on how the group behaves as a team
  • A shift from individual tensions to greater team cohesion and collective intentions

Participants’ Feedback

“I found Lego Serious Play an excellent way of better understanding my own and others’ strengths, problem areas, ambitions and potentials – all for building better team harmony and recognising capability to achieve our own and collective goals.”

“This was an extremely helpful way of facilitating team misunderstandings, frustrations and barriers through the expressive safe space of Lego models as metaphors, where otherwise needed awkward conversations may never be had.”

Kevin’s Observations

“Lego Serious Play is a wonderful tool for creating the safe space for sharing unique perspectives in a non-confrontational way.

The team were willing to bring an open mindset to the process and dare to speak their minds during reflections and model building. The results were surprising!”


If you are curious about how Lego Serious Play can support your business critical challenges, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line at To find out more about the Lego Serious Play methodology, why not head over to our spin off website: Meaningful Play where we are developing this body of work further.

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