Finding translation agency?

Agenzia traduzioni will respond by e-mail in less than 1 hour. We will send you an exact quote.
We will begin to translate only upon confirmation.

How does the translation process work?
The price of a translation depends on the type of document, the number of words and the urgency.
Consult the prices for English translation of documents, contracts, websites and sworn translations.


Send us the original documents by email, indicating languages ​​and deadline.

In 1 hour we will send you a quote with price and delivery time.

If you wish we can send you a Confidentiality Agreement.

To confirm the translation project you only need to send us the signed quote. You can pay online by card or bank transfer.

Conversion of PDF or Web into Word, preparation of code files, terminology glossaries, etc.
Translation carried out by an experienced native speaker translator.
Revision made by an expert mother-tongue translator, specialized in the subject dealt with.
Delivery of your translation on the date stated in the quote. Send by email, except for Sworn Translations, which will be delivered in signed and stamped paper.

Invoices are always sent via email, along with translations.

Payment terms: 30 days. The first translation project is always paid in advance.

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