ITP Presentation for the London Festival

I was part of the organising team for the London Festival, I also presented “Introduction to Permaculture” (ITP) workshop.

It was a very wet July afternoon and I found myself in a large tent outside, cross legged and presenting from my flipchart. It was a very long day what with the organising to be done, the presentation and then meetings afterwards. The event became a confluence of permaculture people and I attended meeting late into the evening. Our teaching guild met for the first time here too.

It was another hugely successful event by Stefen Geyer and his team and despite the inclement weather attracted an attendance in excess of 700 people.

London Permaculture Festival 2011

source: London Permaculture @ flickr

After the event, I reflected on the process of generating the materials for the presentation. Additionally, I wanted to look at my internal dialogue that led to procrastination. I can use this as an opportunity to understand my ingrained patterns and develop a better model of working. You can follow this evaluation by reading this appendix.


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