appendix I London Permaculture Festival

It was three AM before I committed my ideas to paper. When I reflect on what happened here, I dwell on my internal story that speaks to the fear of being wrong. Which also feeds into presenting in front of an audience, where there can be the fear of being wrong or rejected. This held me back from committing my ideas to paper, however once I began the process, it all worked out. What I gained from this was confidence and self belief that what I do is good enough. As my diploma tutor, Richard encourages me with the phrase “get it down, then get it good”. On further analysis, I looked at what went well in this process and I’ve generated this process represented as a flowchart.

Generating a Presentation


Firstly I gathered research materials. I read widely but my three main sources of information were:

Permaculture Teachers’ Guide
Introduction to Permaculture
PDC Course DVD Collection – PRI

After developing a story board, I created a set of cue cards that formed the basis of presentation.

cue card example








Lastly, I committed this to A3 paper. On reflection, I accepted this opportunity to extend myself beyond my circle of comfort. My realisation is that by stepping into the unknown, embracing my fear and doing it anyway, I can expand my circle of comfort. Now, I have the experience and techniques to develop and deliver future presentations without the mental blocks experienced this time round.

ITP presentation fipchart example

 The Four Questions

Subsequently, I analysed this event to extract out new learning outcomes using the classic four question self reflection model. So I asked myself the following:

4Qs reflection for ITP presentation @ London perma festival

  • What went well?
  • What were the challenges?
  • What are my immediate next steps?
  • What are my long term future plans?

Here is the original notes that I made at the time taken from my journal:

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