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After moving toward potential kid care Little Giants Killara suppliers and referencing that my little girl was vegan and would require a veggie-lover lunch or for me to prepare her lunch from home, I was informed that I would require a note from a specialist for her to be permitted an “exceptional eating regimen.” I clarified that being a veggie lover was not an ailment so I would not have the option to create a note saying that it was. They said that solitary clinical and strict exceptions were permitted.

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Might I be able to get a note from my congregation? All things considered, my faith in vegetarianism surely corresponds with the effortlessness declaration of the Religious Society of Friends however not all Quakers, using any and all means, express the straightforwardness declaration by turning out to be veggie lovers as I have done. My assistant may have kept in touch with me a note talking about that association, yet it appeared to be a precarious kind of strict ground to me.

Under the USDA Food Program, kid care suppliers can serve a veggie lover diet to the entirety of their kids; they can’t serve a meat-diet to a few and an alternate eating regimen to others without a clinical or strict exclusion, since it is viewed as separation. I addressed a state level overseer in the program and she affirmed this is valid.