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Avoid lifting things on your head. Also, make sure there is nothing blocking your vision.

Dress for the Move
What you wear also determines how smooth your home removals process will be. Your clothes should fit well. Baggy clothes are not advised because of the chances of snagging thereby compromising safety. On the other hand, extremely tight clothes restrict movement. Be comfortable in whatever you wear.

Your clothes will get dirty during the move. So, don’t wear something very expensive. You will never go wrong with a pair of sneakers with optimal ankle and sole support. Open toe shoes are an absolute no.

If you are comfortable, you can also wear a pair of rubber gloves.

Kids and Pets
The worst affected during a house removal are kids and pets. Amidst all the packing, you don’t have the time to pay attention to them. Also, they might come in the way, getting hurt.

Ensure their safety by enlisting the help of a friend or relative or by hiring a babysitter. They can keep a watch on your kids and pets in your absence. If you have older kids you can explain to them the process of moving and enlist their help.

Clear the path
A stray box lying in the way or an uneven sidewalk is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Any pathway that is being used to transport goods should be cleared of obstacles. Make sure there is no water or plastic paper lying on the floor.



It is natural to overlook security given how occupied you are. However, it’s not something you should given that a home in the process of being moved is an easy theft target. Simple steps like locking the doors and windows and installing a burglar alarm will keep your belongings safe.

Proper Nourishment
Eat well to supply the body with its much needed energy. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. Rest in between so that your body can buckle up for some more work.

First-aid Kit
Always keep a first-aid kit at hand for emergencies. Things you can include in your first aid kit are band-aids, antiseptic, medical ointment and aspirin.

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