Mokena Dental May Improve Your Smile

Do bigger than average gums make you feel self conscious about smiling? Your cosmetic dentist can correct this problem by performing a procedure called a gingevectomy, which reshapes gums in order to create a more pleasing smile.


Mokena Dental use a diode laser to perform gingevectomies. Like any laser, this intense beam of light cuts the tissue quickly but does not affect the tooth structure surrounding and underneath the gums.

The laser will quickly sculpt excessive and uneven gums and immediately seal the tissue, helping your gums to heal more quickly with less discomfort.  While most patients do experience some post-operative tenderness, Ibuprofen and salt water mouth rinses usually take care of it.

When a patient opts for sedation dentistry, they are usually given an analgesic or sedative about an hour before the procedure is started.  The sedative is administered either intravenously or in pill form.  The patient drifts into a relaxed, sometimes sleep-like state, which makes dental work a breeze.  A patient needs to have someone drive them home until the effects wear off, which can take several hours.  If you have been putting off going to the dentist, sedation dentistry may be the answer for you.

Just one quick session with your cosmetic dentist’s laser, followed by appropriate cosmetic reconstruction if necessary, can completely transform the appearance of your smile!

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