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Productive edible roof gardens in the heart of London city

Productive edible roof gardens in the heart of London city

Born into this world with the African savanna as the backdrop, my family emigrated to England when I was two years old. As I grew up, our family were captivated by the nature programmes of David Attenborough describing the land of my birthplace. My first outdoor adventures began with the 8th Edgware cub scouts leaving the city to learn outdoor skills, go camping and have fun in the forest. It was here running wild, getting wet and covered in mud, I began connecting to the wild natural landscape of England. The natural world fills me with awe and continues to feed my curiosity. The more I have travelled the more my perspective of nature has broadened and the more I have fallen in love with this planet, our home.

I seek to articulate design to give voice to the healing capacity of mother earth.

me at work at BOA

With a strong interest in maths and science I completed an honours degree in Electronic Engineering and began my working career designing the first generation of engine management systems for zero emission fuel efficient transport. With many twists and turns along my career path I ended up managing, designing and supporting mission critical global software applications and IT infrastructure for major investment banks.

Outside of my working life I began developing my yoga practise. As my hard exterior from a youth of playing a lot of football began to soften, I discovered my hamstrings and my chest opened and expanded. In turn I started listening to my heart and it asked for change. What I really yearned for was the opportunity to make a difference, to create something of beauty. I realised that I was not leading a life that expressed the gifts that I offer. So I asked myself some powerful questions.

  • What do I hold as sacred?
  • How could I make my contribution as a change maker towards a more beautiful world?
  • What could my future look like while being of service to something greater than myself?
  • Do I fear change?

Seeking a New Pathway

I gave up my career and comfortable lifestyle in the city and went on a itinerate journey of new discovery. I took a deep two month yoga training in Goa strengthening a reconnection to my physical body and my ancestral roots. Seven years previously, I took some time out to explore the nature of Australia. There as a WWOOFing volunteer I discovered permaculture supporting Rick Coleman at Southern Cross Permaculture Institute.

Final design work for PDC presentation

Final design work for PDC presentation

Now, the time was right for that seed to generminate and I returned to Australia to take a permaculture design course (PDC) in Tasmania with Rick. From there, I took a short internship with Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm in NSW. It was here that my world was turned upside down. With insightful laser precision Geoff, cut through my plans for an masters degree at the Centre for Alternative Technology and invited me to “hack” my own education for an experiential learning over a theoretical one.

My New Emerging Journey

That was back in 2009, and now my personal journey continues to give back to nature through the regenerative design practises of permaculture. I am now an experienced global systems designer and teacher of permaculture. I give presentations and lectures about integrative design thinking and on permaculture themes. I continue to meet and connect with dynamic forces that want to share in the new story of what a healthy and abundant society can look like. I seek to articulate design to give a voice to the healing capacity of mother earth.  I’m always interested to hear from those who share this passion, drop me a line at

Falling in love with the simple beauty of nature

Falling in love with the simple beauty of nature

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