My Timeline into Teaching

Becoming a teacher seems like an organic process held within the boundaries of my overall strategy. Here I’ve signposted the significant events after the completion of my PDC.

My pathway was built on three phases. Phase one was about aquisition. The aquiring of skills, knowledge and experience of applied permaculture either through projects intiatied myself or working with other extablished practioners. Phase two was about learning the techniques and gaining experiences of teaching which were both formal and informal in style and content. These opportunities allowed me to develop my own unique style and materials. Phase three was about getting out there in front of an audience and teaching.

As my teaching experience increases with time, my apprentiship needs will diminish. However, my plan for 2012 will continue to be a combination of these three phases.


Future Plans for 2012

I will continue to manage my existing projects and initiate new ones that collectively will provide me with further insight that I can weave into my teaching practise. My teaching will focus on creating a sustainable and coherent rolling training schedule for the ITP course in London. I have designed my apprentice pathway for next year, and here is my current programme of events:

Designed Apprentice Pathway

Commence weekly sessions at London City Lit on their public speaking course . I’m taking this course as I wish to:

  • develop my vocal technique
  • construct presentations with speed and ease that have impact
  • be a confident public speaker

Begin discussions to create for a London based permaculture teachers collective

Continue  weekly sessions at London City Lit on their public speaking course

Take a speaking circles workshop. Through this work I will be developing how to convey my authentic message. I’m also want to explore the energetics of public speaking

Be part of Richard Perkins PDC teaching team somewhere near Bristol. I will aim to take an active role in teaching units from the Permaculture Design course.

Join a speaking circle session. This work is considered to be a practise and so it’s useful to check in occasionally.

Be Stefan Geyer‘s teaching apprentice for a weekend course in Urban Permaculture held at the Sustainability Centre.

Be part of Aranya‘s teaching team for the Designed Visions course held at High Heathercombe. Having already worked with Aranya in 2011, I will be taking on a greater work load in teaching units from the Permaculture Design course.

Take my permaculture teacher training with Designed Visions held in Linconshire. This nine day course is recognised as the best teacher training for permaculture in the country. In addition, I will also gain a PTLL qualification which will enable me to teach in the mainstream adult learning sector.


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