Our Philosophy

Our aim is produce high quality and consistent courses in a mutually supportive environment. We desire to use permaculture principles and ethics to design this set up so that it is robust and fair for all.

By putting the right things in the right place, relationships develop between those things and they work together to support each other – David Holmgren

We are mindful of the ethics of permaculture at all times. If you are seeking a deeper understand of the ethics of permaculture, take a look at this interview with David Holmgren.

Earth Care

We aim to involve our participants in outdoor practical activities. This is an opportunity for us to  connect back to mother earth while  providing many hands to complete a useful task for the venue.

People Care

We are sensitive to the needs of our participants and support our co-teachers. We recognise that students have different learning styles and we prepare our courses to address this.

To be sensitive you will have to abandon being right all the time – Deepak Chopra

Fair Share

We seek to be fairly rewarded for the effort of teaching, much of which is unseen. At the same time, we seek to remain accessible to all sectors of society. We offer concessions to those that are in need, and our programmes have remained year on year low cost and great value for money.


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