Full Permaculture Design Course

These are uncertain times, we face the triple challenge of the end of cheap oil, climate change and prolonged economic austerity.

We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein

The challenge of our times requires new thinking. Permaculture integrates whole system design with ethics of care for the people and all living things while reinvesting surplus to build solutions that are regenerative.

cooperation not competition

If you want to take positive action towards a more resilient and healthy lifestyle for yourself, your family and your community then taking the Permaculture Design Course with us will support you.

The course will held on dates throughout winter and spring of 2013. It is based at Maiden Lane Permaculture Project. We use this venue as an inspiring example of urban permaculture food growing set in the heart of the city of London.

Fees Structure

The fees for the course will be:

£840 organizational rate/individual income above £16k
£560 individual income £16k or under
£420 concessionary rate

Course Dates

Course starts on the weekend of 2-3 February 2013 and lasts for 7 alternate week ends

Maiden Lane Forest Garden


  • 16-17 February
  • 2-3 March
  • 16-17 March
  • 30-31 March
  • 13-14 April
  • 27-28 April 


Outline Course Content

  • the ethics and principles of permaculture, their philosophy and practical application
  • design methods
  • energy, systems and the built environment
  • people based permaculture design, community and urban sustainable living
  • polycultures, organic food growing, forest gardening
  • soil, water and micro climates
  • animals in permaculture
  • mapping, surveying and other design tools
  • lots of practical hands on learning

The full programme is still being designed, we anticipate it will be finalised in the next week.

Our Tutors

Our lead tutors are Claire White and Graham Burnett, ably supported by a talented team from the London Permaculture Network who will draw on their personal experience, knowledge and insight to add flavour to the course. The team includes:

Stef and the web of life

The 72 hour course is fully accredited by the Permaculture Association of Britain.

Course Booking Details

For bookings and further details please contact Cinzia Sarigu at

tel: 07519 576 962

Our Venue

Maiden Lane Permaculture Project
Address: 156 St Paul’s Crescent London NW1 9XZ

Map: google map

Tube: Camden Town, Northern Line

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