Personal Vision, Long Term Goals, and my Sacred Questions

my long term goals
my sacred questions


The linear educational paradigm of a teacher with knowledge imparting reams of information upon a passive audience was designed to create citizens for the industrial era. Through working with Richard, I’m unearthing my way of being in the world, exposing my unhelpful patterns and blockages. I want to use the diploma as an opportunity for creative thinking, to experiment with different tools and techniques, to acknowledge my shadow self and work with that truthfully to find healthier ways towards greater productivity.

I aim to integrate my unlearning processes into the way I develop projects and then reflect on the value of these methods I have chosen. A more useful model for the fast changing, ever more uncertain 21st century.

In a time of drastic change, it is the unlearners who inherit the future. The learned find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.        Eric Hoffer

My aim is to consciously design my individual pathway to learning by employing permaculture and systems thinking.  I want to examine my edges, where I can stretch my boundaries as this is where the juice is – the most fruitful opportunities for growth and new understanding. I envisage a future regenerative culture that builds a foundation from solutions that create ecological capital; empower individuals and community; and engender outstanding personal health and well being.

As a society, we lack the stories, myths, narratives that describe a reimagined positive future in the face of peak oil, climate change and long term austerity. I aim to rise to this challenge, to be an expression of this work and to raise the collective consciousness.


  • Build a portfolio of work
  • Develop useful set of skills for a power down economy
  • Create an ecological design consultancy creating consciously designed useful solutions
  • Develop a pedagogy so that others may follow in my pathway
  • Champion unlearning as a 21st century educational paradigm
  • As an educator spread permaculture and systems thinking to whoever is listening
  • Seek out collaborators who share a vision of a regenerative culture
  • Design a sustainable, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle


  • How do we build a regenerative culture?
  • What will it take to build national food security without subsidies and fossil fuel inputs?
  • How will we see through the smoke and mirrors to achieve the highest possible personal health and well being?
  • Where is my tribe? Who wants to play with me to build businesses to generate positive solutions?


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