I knew that my time would be heavily compressed towards the deadline date so I set out to 
complete as much as I could as early as possible. So starting with the life review, I broke
down a large problem into smaller ones by writing a paragraph or two everyday. 

This technique really worked for me as I have a tendency to congeal when faced with the same
task for too long. Better suited to my personality is short quick inspiring bites and then 
moving on to the next thing without dwelling on the previous. It felt like validation of my
working style when my tutor, Richard used the quote: "Anything worth doing is worth doing 
poorly". Then I reviewed the essay a couple of times to refine the details. This essay has 
strengthened my resolve to seek out practical and experiential methods of learning. It 
reminded me to celebrate my life's achievements and to be strong in the face of negative 
critiscm as I have achieved a lot against the odds.

To create my skillflex mindmap, I started with a preparatory mind map - "my areas of interest". 
I like to use mindmaps when appropriate and am familiar with the software - Once, I
completed this, I started researching Spiral Dynamics. I can't honestly say I am familiar with
the subject but I gleened some key concepts. I have presented both mind maps as outputs for
this project report as together they will act as a continuous reminder to me as I navigate my 
life's journey over the next couple of years. 

I also want to experiement with different techniques throughout my diploma so I can discover 
better ways of working. To better organise my thoughts, I used pens and colour to splurge out
all the requirements for the project report. I intend to use this more often as prevents me from
getting stuck in my head. Instead I can see everything on one page and organise my thoughts 
with greater clarity. I've included this mindmap in my appendices.
What I found most challenging about this project report is my time management. I have an  inability to say 'no' which often means I can be overwhelmed by my workload. I don't feel I've  completed the report with sufficient detail or consideration as I have had to manage competing  priorities and interests. All these other distractions are also enhancing my proposition and at  this time I feel compelled to take on interesting projects. Next year, I plan to design my life  so that I don't burn out, fulfil my committments, and have some fun time too. My aim would be to  turn this into one of my diploma project reports.

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