Our students often ask for guidance as they are keen to start their journey toward a more sustainable and connected life. Well, I believe in shopping around and finding projects that resonate with you. Take a look at some of the suggestions below.  I’ve also included just a handful of resources to get the inquistive started.

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Permaculture Basics – Get a high level overview of what permaculture aims to achieve

Permaculture Ethics – Watch this video by the co-originator of permaculture David Holmgren

Permaculture Principles – These are Bill Mollison’s original set of principles based on observations derived from the science of ecology and are a great place to start to deepen your understanding of how to practically implement your designs.

Permaculture Principles – David Holmgren’s 12 permaculture principles interpreted by Maddy Harland of the permaculture magazine

TreeYo Online Reader – The original permaculture designers manual presented in easy to comprehend chapters

Global Permaculture News Hub – Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Research Institute – the go to hub of stories of success from all round the planet

Permaculture Association Britain – Get involved and stay connected

Permaculture Magazine – Spreading the message of permaculture solutions

Josef’s Library – A judicious selection designed to empower us all

Earth Repair Charter – A manifesto for a rejuvenated planet

Small Farm Library – Soil, farming, health and so much more

Positive News – Good news stories from around the world

Resilience – Building a world of resilient communities

Alternet – all round global coverage

New Economics Foundation – Economics as if people and the planet mattered

Alternet – all round global coverage

The Automatic Earth – Why we find ourselves in a state of crisis and what we can do about it

Bill Mollison Lecture Series – from Bill’s PDCs, unfriendly video player but if you have passion and perseverance there is a lot of value here.

Films for Action – “community powered learning library for people who want to change the world” – Learn about subjects that really matter

Permaculture Voices – “Repairing the planet, solving problems, producing products, and making a living doing it” – Truly awesome podcast library!

The Permaculture Podcast – Again, I just can’t recommend the content highly enough! Treat your mp3 player to this lot!

Mischa’s Permaculture Films – From a friend with a heart the size of this planet

Sadhana Forest Film Club – I am a great admirer of the Sadhana Forest Project

Charles Dowding – Charles has 30 years experience using the no-dig philosophy,  and demonstrates productive ways to grow food, with less weeding,  and care for soil.

John Jeavons – the bio-intensive method.

Vertical Veg – Container gardening in tight small spaces. Mark is part of our permaculture network and provides loads of useful tips and advice.

Garden Organic – Clear, concise, easy to understand guides on how to grow food using organic principles.

Royal Horticultural Society – “Enjoy delicious home-grown fruit,vegetables and herbs in your garden, allotment or containers.” Lots of expert tips, advice, profiles and videos on what to do when.

Learn How to Garden – I love this humble and knowledgable guy, subscribe to his youtube channel, follow his seasonal videos on what to do when. He makes organic gardening fun and easy to get into!